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Intestinal Health Means Vitality
Intestinal Health Means Vitality

Over 20 years’ experience with the highest quality natural products, for optimum effectiveness and tolerability.

Intestinal Health Means Vitality

Over 20 years’ experience with the highest quality natural products, for optimum effectiveness and tolerability.


active lifestyles


Diarrhoea after exercise


Exercise and a healthy diet support a healthy gut flora composition. Physical activity also strengthens the immune system. Our intestinal flora stimulates our immune cells, promoting the development of anti-inflammatory neurotransmitters.  But if you overdo the physical exertion, the positive effects can be reversed and become negative. 

This is due to the increased release of stress hormones, which can exert a negative influence on the intestinal flora. Taking probiotics can help to rebalance the gut flora. Excessive physical exertion can also lead to diarrhoea after exercise. The bowel is suspended in the abdominal cavity, held in place by ligaments. Exercise sets everything in motion, shortening bowel transit times and frequently leading to thinner stools. 

Morbus Crohn und Sport


heartburn after exercise


Sporting activities such as jogging, jumping and cycling can offer trigger heartburn. Acid reflux leads to increased pain in the chest area. Sports physicians have found that a controlled, gradual build-up in activity can eliminate symptoms. Consuming carbonated drinks can also lead to heartburn after sport and exercise. 



Crohn's disease and exercise


Sport and exercise have a favourable impact upon Crohn's Disease sufferers during symptom-free periods. Studies and individual experiences confirm that exercise has a positive effect on the wellbeing of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) patients and that it means lower doses of medication are required during acute episodes. Sufferers should refrain from exercise and sporting activity during acute episodes, however, and rest during this time. Crohn's Disease patients should always consult a doctor to discuss which activities are recommended. Sports that exert increased strain on the stomach muscles are not recommended for those who have recently undergone abdominal surgery, for example. 

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