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Travelling and stomach complaints
Travelling and stomach complaints
Protect yourself while on holiday!
Travelling and stomach complaints
Protect yourself while on holiday!

travel health

travellers' diarrhoea

Overseas travel attracts a lot of Europeans to foreign countries. Unfortunately this often means so-called travellers' diarrhoea: diarrhoea during or after the trip. The climate in tropical countries is ideal for diarrhoea-causing pathogens, so they can spread and multiply quickly. These bacteria then enter the body via the consumption of contaminated food or drinking water. 


After adhesion in the small intestine, these bacteria can trigger a secretion mechanism, which in turn leads to an increased flow of water to the bowel and, therefore, diarrhoea.

"Cook it, peel it or leave it" is the advice to protect yourself from diarrhoea whilst travelling. Avoid ice cubes and only drink from unopened water bottles.

Taking probiotics during travel supports a healthy intestinal flora and ensures that pathogens are suppressed and cannot proliferate in the gut.  


constipation on holiday


A lot of people return from their travels with diarrhoea. But the opposite can also be the case: constipation on holiday. There are many causes. One cause can be dehydration. Make sure that you drink enough fluids when in hot countries. 

"Foreign countries, foreign customs" so the German saying goes. Food and drink often differ from the usual meals you eat at home. Unfamiliar foods and spices can also be factors that lead to constipation.  

Psychological factors can be another cause. Pre-holiday stress is a common problem, as people try to organise everything at home before they leave. This can affect the intestine, a sensitive organ, causing constipation.  

Humans are "creatures of habit". Therefore a disrupted daily rhythm can disturb the gut.




People with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) like to plan their lives, as IBS problems often worsen during times of stress. Going on holiday can also pose a lot of stress for IBS sufferers. Certain questions often arise: Will I cope with the food? Is there always going to be a toilet nearby? What are the sanitary conditions like? These questions often cause a stress reaction and lead to IBS on holiday. 

Unfortunately, there is no cure for IBS. Those affected exhibit no organic changes in the body. 
Taking active, healthy probiotic bacteria helps to alleviate symptoms and improve quality of life in IBS patients. 

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