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Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

Not completely curable but symptom-free.

Learn more about the causes and get tips here.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

Not completely curable but symptom-free.

Learn more about the causes and get tips here.


inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)


IBD - inflammatory Bowel Disease


Around 300,000 people in Germany suffer from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The cause of this condition remains unknown. Medical experts have various theories as to why an outbreak might occur. Environmental factors, genetic factors, damage to the intestinal mucosal barrier along with microbial factors and an impaired immune system are thought to be possible causes. The bowel of an IBD patient is severely compromised, as the disease is associated with acute inflammatory attacks. This results in bloody diarrhoea, stomach pain, weight loss and inflammation of other organs (such as the eyes). For IBD patients there is no prospect of a cure. 

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IBD - Treatment

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Because Inflammatory Bowel Disease is not completely curable, IBD treatment focuses on reducing the severity and frequency of attacks. Conventional medicine often prescribes immunosuppressants - medication that lowers the response of the immune system. Probiotic bacteria are also recommended as helpful. IBD patients should pay attention to their diet and compensate for any deficiencies that occur due to lack of absorption in the intestines. In naturopathic medicine, various approaches are used for treating IBD. These range from homeopathic treatment to acupuncture, phytotherapy and orthomolecular medicine.   




There is no one single diet for Crohn's Disease or Ulcerative Colitis. What is important is that IBD patients compensate for the nutritional deficiencies they suffer as a result of impaired intestinal absorption. They are often deficient in vitamins (vitamin B12, vitamin A, vitamin E , vitamin K) and minerals (iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium). Phytotherapy uses calming plants such as peppermint and celandine. Diarrhoea can be alleviated through the use of tannin-containing plants such as tormentil. Myrrh, charcoal tablets and frankincense also have good results. Nigella seeds and turmeric are often used in IBD diets, as these spices reduce inflammation flare-ups. 


probiotics for IBD


Current studies into IBD patients reveal a change in the gut flora. AIEC bacteria (AIEC = Adherent-invasive E.Coli) use the diseased bowel as an ecological niche. These bacteria multiply rapidly in the immune cells of the intestine, causing inflammation in the IBD sufferer. This form of bacteria is also present in a healthy intestine, but is not harmful. The gut flora of IBD patients has a different composition to that found in healthy people. Probiotics are helpful, therefore, in re-balancing the gut flora. The product Lactobact® FORTE was launched on the market in January 2016. It contains 5 selected probiotic cultures in a concentration of 2.5 billion bacteria per capsule. It also contains the amino acid Glutamine. This is very important for rebuilding the intestinal mucosa, along with the vitamin Biotin, which is also present in this product. This unique combination means this product is particularly recommended for IBD patients. 

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