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Dental problems?
Dental problems?

You can treat tooth decay, bad breath and bleeding gums using natural methods. Read how here.

Dental problems?

You can treat tooth decay, bad breath and bleeding gums using natural methods. Read how here.




What causes tooth decay?


Tooth decay, or caries, is caused by a variety of caries-associated bacteria. The oral cavity contains a wide array of bacteria. A high-sugar diet, smoking or poor oral hygiene can cause caries bacteria to multiply. The acids produced attack the tooth enamel. Bacteria can penetrate the tooth, destroy it from inside and caries develops. 

One of the most common caries-causing bacteria is Streptococcus mutans. Once a hole in the tooth develops, the person suffers from sensitivity to cold or heat, toothache or bad breath.

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painful gums - what can help?


Painful gums can occur as the result of an injury or gum disease. Patients already suffer from more tooth decay until further tissue and bone damage occurs. When the gums are inflamed and painful, a high-sugar diet and poor oral hygiene cause this process to continue further.

Bacterial pathogens can multiply further in the inflamed tissue, speeding up the process. Patients suffer from painful gums, gum recession, bleeding gums and bad breath. Probiotic bacteria work as a prophylactic, suppressing pathogenic bacteria and supporting the natural oral microbiota. 



What can you do about bad breath?


In over 80% of cases, bad breath is a result of plaque on the teeth and a build-up of coating on the tongue. Other common causes are tooth decay, infections and poor oral hygiene. All of these result from a bad combination of bacteria. These tiny organisms living in our mouths break down food debris, producing sulphur compounds. These sulphur compounds cause bad breath. In addition, bad breath is caused by fatty acids and the products of cellular metabolism, such as residual food particles and dead cells, as well as infections. To get your smile back, the natural oral microbiota needs to be restored. Probiotic products help to support the balance of good bacteria.



How can you restore a healthy oral microbiota?

In order to suppress pathogenic bacteria, you need a probiotic product with a high proportion of bacterial strains. We recommend DentaSan® ProbioPROTECT for tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath. It should be taken once a day after cleaning the teeth. For people who chew gum, we also offer DentaSan® ProbioGUM.



how long does it take to restore the oral microbiota?


The regeneration of a healthy oral microbiota takes between 4 and 6 months. This, however, depends on the person, their illness and their lifestyle. Alongside  probiotic treatment, a healthy and balanced diet is also helpful. 

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