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Many pregnant women suffer from heartburn. It may be harmless but it’s annoying.


Many pregnant women suffer from heartburn. It may be harmless but it’s annoying.


heartburn during pregnancy


why do pregnant women suffer from acid reflux?


There are two reasons why women suffer from acid reflux (heartburn or indigestion) during pregnancy. First of all, the baby grows quickly in the abdomen and needs more and more space. This pushes the organs upwards and means that the valve to the oesophagus can no longer withstand the pressure. This results in heartburn during pregnancy. The second reason is the pregnancy hormone progesterone. The hormone causes the muscles to relax, in order to avoid premature labour. The valve between the stomach and the oesophagus also relaxes, leading to acid reflux during pregnancy. 

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Is it normal to get heartburn during pregnancy?

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70% of pregnant women suffer from heartburn, or acid reflux. It is a common condition during pregnancy but not dangerous for the mother or child. However those with severe heartburn should have their teeth checked by a dentist. The stomach acid can cause damage when in constant contact with the teeth. Your dentist can offer help you deal with this. 



When does heartburn occur and how long does it last during pregnancy?

Pregnant women often start to suffer from heartburn around the 20th week of pregnancy. From this point on, the abdomen also starts to grow steadily. Women sometimes experience relief after Braxton Hicks contractions, or practice contractions, have lowered the abdomen. This means the baby does not kick so hard against the organs. The problem is resolved completely by the birth, and heartburn disappears immediately after delivery. 


What can you do about heartburn during pregnancy?


Heartburn, or acid reflux, during pregnancy is a very unpleasant condition. To obtain relief, women can try lying on their left side, as this takes advantage of an anatomical bend at the opening of the oesophagus. This position also helps digesting food to flow in the direction of the intestines. You should also make sure you eat several small meals a day, comprising easily digestible foods. Drinking sufficient quantities of still water also helps to dilute the stomach acids. Some pregnant women swear that buttermilk is useful. Casa Sana carica papya is a product that can help ease heartburn during pregnancy. It is a pure organic papaya puree that has an alkalising effect and therefore offers a good remedy for heartburn during pregnancy.

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