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Innovation & Technology
Innovation & Technology

We are a market leader with our innovative micro-encapsulation technology.

Innovation & Technology

We are a market leader with our innovative micro-encapsulation technology.


Innovation & technology


our special Micro-encapsulation technology


As a young company, we are continuously working on innovative developments. Our special micro-encapsulation technology offers many advantages:

  • The powder in children's products (Lactobact® BABY+ and Lactobact® JUNIOR+) can be mixed into drinks or food without any additional activation time. It can be consumed straight away
  • Protection from oxidation and moisture
  • It survives the stomach acids and bile. The micro-encapsulated product only releases once it reaches the small intestine, as pH levels rise.
  • The bacteria are so stable that we have been able to put them in lozenges. We are the only company offering probiotic lozenges for children (Lactobact® JUNIOR DROPS)
  • Good patient compliance due to double protection in adult products (Lactobact® PREMIUM and Lactobact® 60plus): the micro-encapsulated powder, together with a cellulose capsule, offers double protection.

For patients who have difficulty swallowing capsules, the cellulose capsule can be emptied and the micro-encapsulated powder can be mixed into drinks or food.



how does it work?


Making a special biopolymer from probiotic bacteria: 

Both materials are mixed and transferred to a "spherisator" (a machine that produces microcapsules) in the form of a viscous liquid. An extrusion process produces tiny droplets. 
The technology was tested in a SHIME (simulation of the intestinal microbial system) study. Compared to conventional powder preparations, our products are up to 100 times more effective (for example Lactobact® PREMIUM).

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About HLH

We are an ISO certified, medium-sized German family business with a 20-year history serving the domestic and international market. We offer our customers top quality intestinal health products with the highest level of expertise and commitment.


We have produced videos to accompany a diverse range of our products. The videos explain the products and their effectiveness in detail.



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