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A mineral that supports the immune system.


A mineral that supports the immune system.




What is Zinc good for?


After iron, zinc is the second-most common trace element in the human body. There are 2-3 grams in the adult body, mostly found in the hair, bones, muscles, reproductive organs and pancreas. This trace element is used in many enzymatic metabolic processes. Without zinc, cell division, the biosynthesis of proteins, growth, reproduction and immunological defence mechanisms are not be possible. The recommended daily allowance of zinc can be obtained from a balanced diet.

Zinc gluconate


Zinc gluconate is an organic zinc compound. The advantage of this compound is that it is better absorbed in the small intestine. There is a difference between organic zinc compounds, such as zinc gluconate, zinc orotate, zinc aspartate and zinc histidinate, and inorganic zinc salts (zinc oxide, zinc sulphate). Organic zinc compounds are often bound to amino acids, which has the advantage of higher bioavailability. 


zinc for bowel inflammation?


Zinc contributes to many metabolic processes. It controls the synthesis of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). Every cell in the body contains DNA, as a transmitter of genetic information. Faulty DNA can have fatal consequences for the body. A zinc deficiency, caused by bowel inflammation for example, can lead to various conditions: allergies, weight loss, growth problems, skin changes, impaired wound healing, diarrhoea and problems concentrating. Furthermore, 80% of the immune cells are located in the intestines. Zinc supports immune function. A deficiency leads to increased susceptibility to infections.


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